The Havana Haunted Mansion Miami
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The Havana Haunted Mansion Miami


With Halloween 2023 drawing near, Miami is gearing up to host a spellbinding and distinctive spectacle known as the Little Havana Haunted Mansion. This extraordinary event guarantees an immersive Halloween encounter like no other. Forget about conventional frights; instead, brace yourself to enter a realm of refined eeriness, dramatic presentations, exclusive beverages, and thought-provoking tests.

The Havana Haunted Mansion isn’t your typical haunted house. It’s a remarkable fusion of amusement, drama, and sophisticated spookiness. This affair caters to those seeking an unforgettable Halloween journey that is both electrifying and elegant.

Here’s what you can anticipate when you step inside this bewitching mansion:

Enticing Entertainment Indulge in an evening of enchanting theatrical displays that will leave you captivated. Experience the allure of a Halloween event that seamlessly blends amusement and spookiness in an unprecedented and enduring manner.

Exceptional Libations Savor an array of exceptional cocktails that will tantalize your palate and contribute to the event’s atmosphere. The Havana Haunted Mansion provides a unique cocktail experience that will leave you yearning for more.

Enigmatic Trials Navigate through a succession of puzzling challenges that will keep you absorbed and amused throughout the night. Test your intellect and bravery as you uncover the enigmas concealed within the mansion’s walls.

Event Particulars and Recommendations Transportation: To maximize your encounter, we strongly advise utilizing Uber or Lyft to reach the event. On-site valet parking is available for an additional charge, though parking spaces are limited. Please note that parking in the residential area nearby is prohibited, and violations will result in towing. Culinary Delights and Beverages: Along with the provided beverages included with your ticket, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase additional drinks and savor delectable Cuban cuisine, including complete meals, at the venue.

Duration: The Havana Haunted Mansion experience spans roughly 2 hours, so be prepared for a night filled with enchantment and exhilaration. Arrival: To fully relish the event, we recommend arriving 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time slot. This will ensure you have ample time to immerse yourself in the mansion’s realm of spookiness and entertainment.

Accessibility: The event organizers have taken measures to ensure accessibility for handicapped guests throughout the experience. Most sections of the event are accessible, allowing everyone to partake in the enjoyment. Age Restriction: Please take note that the Havana Haunted Mansion is exclusively for adults aged 21 and above. Make sure you meet the age requirement before purchasing tickets or attending the event.

As Halloween 2023 approaches, the Havana Haunted Mansion promises an enchanting and captivating Halloween escapade that will furnish you with cherished memories. Prepare to encounter Miami’s most thrilling and unique Halloween attraction in a manner beyond your imagination. Secure your tickets now and get ready to be entranced by the world of the Havana Haunted Mansion.

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