Miami Beach Nightclubs: The 10 Best Clubs for a Night Out Partying
Best Nightclubs in Miami Beach
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Miami Beach Nightclubs: The Top 10 Best Clubs for a Night Out Partying


Miami Beach is known for its happening nightlife, glamour and glitz. This glorious city is on the bucket list of any adventurous traveler who would like to get a real taste of heady nightlife. With hundreds of nightclubs in the city, finding the best ones can be a bit challenging.

There are a few factors that make a good nightclub. The music is important, of course. But the atmosphere is also important. The best nightclubs in Miami Beach have a great vibe that draws people to the dance floor and keeps them there all night.

So, here are the top ten nightclubs in Miami Beach that you must visit:

The Best Nightclubs in Miami Beach

1. Story

Owned by world-renowned hospitality entrepreneur David Grutman, Story is undeniably one of the best hip-hop nightclubs in Miami. Located right in the heart of Miami Beach, Story Nightclub features an expansive space filled with artists, DJs, dancers and live music. Its state-of-the-art infinite hybrid music system and the spectacular dance floor is the reason why guests here can tirelessly dance throughout the night. Those who want to splurge can enjoy the premium bottle service and VIP tables with a private VIP entrance and valet service.

2. Do Not Sit on the Furniture

As unique as its name is, Do Not Sit On The Furniture is a definite standout nightclub in Miami Beach, run by two famous local DJs. You can enjoy reasonably priced drinks and food while dancing to the sizzling beats of underground and electronic music. Its chill atmosphere and laid-back dress code attract a diverse crowd of tourists and locals to its doors every night. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure you have the time of your life here.

3. Mango’s Tropical Café

Surely one of the hottest spots in Miami Beach, Mango’s Tropical Café will give you a truly amazing escape from reality for a few hours. It has everything you need in a Florida beach bar, from delicious culinary creations and exotic drinks to upbeat music and dramatic lights. Mango’s Tropical Café has a Latin and Caribbean flair that makes it unique from other nightclubs in Miami Beach. You can enjoy the non-stop entertainment featuring live performances, shows, acts and great local bands.

4. Basement Miami Nightclub

Featuring live dancers and famous DJs, Basement Miami offers an unmatchable nightlife experience. The nightclub is in a basement, split into two parts — one for dancing and DJ, and the other has a small ice skating rink and a bowling alley. You can relish the cocktails while enjoying the state-of-the-art sound system and captivating projection effects that give a concert-like feel. Basement Miami is the perfect blend of a dazzling range of environments you can experience one at a time throughout the night.

5. LIV

Located in Fontainebleau, LIV Nightclub has redefined Miami Beach’s nightlife. Its lavish decor and striking two-story architecture set the perfect mood for an ultra-exclusive nightclub experience while you enjoy the bird’s eye view of top celebrities and DJs. The sick beats, elite crowd, VIP tables and live performances by renowned artists make LIV stand out in Miami Beach.

The nightclub also features four full-service bars where you can taste the ultimate cocktails of the mixology pros. For those who want an ultra-VIP treatment, LIV features six private skyboxes and fifty banquette areas, each with exclusive table service.

LIV is also the brainchild of Groot Hospitality and its founder, David Grutman. As recognized innovators in the nightclub industry in Miami, Groot Hospitality doesn’t disappoint with this spectacular entertainment venue.

6. Mynt Lounge

The legendary Mynt Lounge in South Beach, with its modern and luxurious decor and imposing red velvet ropes, is where you’ll find many celebrities. The intoxicating atmosphere is maintained by the infectious house music and today’s top hits (open format), while the amazing state-of-the-art spotlights from LED provide a dramatic effect. As if that wasn’t enough, flickering strobe lights hang from the ceiling, bringing Miami’s electrifying nightlife to life!

On weekends, Mynt sometimes hosts special events with live entertainment and guest DJs. The full bar offers everything your heart desires, but this VIP nightclub specializes in guest satisfaction with its top-notch table service. The dress code is strict, so dress to impress if you want to get past one of the strictest entry rules in the area.

7. Mr Jones

Mr. Jones is one of the fanciest and most luxurious clubs in Miami Beach. Although it’s rather small compared to other venues, its robust audio system and beautifully designed and secluded interior attract a crowd of rich and good-looking guests. Famous DJs regularly spin here, as well as regional talent known for their penchant for house and hip-hop music – Mr. Jones has a draw like no other venue.

8. Hyde Beach

Hyde Beach is the premier oceanfront daytime restaurant and pool party scene in SLS South Beach with artful mixology and katsuya cuisine inspired by the local community. For a spectacular experience worthy of the Las Vegas Strip, visit Hyde Beach and join in the weekend’s festivities! Join in on special events like Swim Week and Music Week, where the party continues late into the night with luxury champagne showers and exclusive bottle service.

9. Treehouse Miami

Treehouse Miami, right in the heart of exciting Miami Beach on 23rd Street! Here you’ll have the opportunity to experience some of the most famous DJs from around the world under labels such as Stereo, Vertex, Anjunabeats, Anjunadeep, Future Sound of Egypt, Incorrect and Deep State – an unbeatable combination that is guaranteed to make for an exciting night!

Experience euphoria in an environment pulsating with energy – Treehouse Miami is the premier destination for electronic dance music in Miami. Here you can enjoy the dramatic atmosphere in a casual and informal setting.

10. Exchange Miami

Exchange Miami is a stylish nightclub and bar on Washington Avenue in Miami Beach, featuring dynamic lighting, bottle service, hip-hop dance music and DJ events. Specializing in headline acts and big name artists on certain nights as well as major market events like the big game and fights!

Here you’ll witness incredible, boundary-pushing experiences in the ultimate nightlife. The owners want you to feel like you deserve to treat yourself to something extraordinary, and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The result is Exchange Miami, an unparalleled place for luxury nightlife.

Partying in Miami Beach is always one of the best things you can do when visiting the city. If you’re planning to visit Miami Beach to enjoy its spectacular nightlife, book your stay at the Kaskades South Beach to experience true comfort.

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